A Mariner from Calgary Alberta

This afternoon (although I am only now listening to the game while I study) Mariner, Chris Reitsma, who grew up In Calgary Alberta was interviewed. He commented on the snow and how in Calgary, school is not canceled unless it is minus 30 and three feet of snow. He said as a kid you just learned to deal with it, “with the jacket on and touque and gloves…” The next question “explain the touque.”

Oh, the Triple A team for the M’s used to be in Calgary…cool. Of a city of 1.2 million, he is may be the only MLB player…Its a hockey town and there is no where to play baseball in doors. He still lives there.

Ok back to my homework


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2 responses to “A Mariner from Calgary Alberta

  1. mom

    Hey Debra,How about those Mariner’s! Ok, so last night wasn’t the best but hey….can’t win em all! We are home safe and getting right back into the swing of things. Take care. Mom

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Debra!Great to see the latest and greatest in your life. Love the video with the Peeps. Man, are those things gross or what?! Was hoping you had found the secret of making them tolerable to eat. Do they explode in the microwave? (don’t try it – I’m sure it would make a horrible mess, ha-ha). I’ve been thinking about showing the video to the kids, but don’t want to find them cooking their peeps on the stove (tee-hee). Watching the video made me realize how much I miss you (okay, now I’m getting sappy). Love ya loads, Cindy Lou

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