Everyone's gone

Well, the holiday is almost here. Basically, almost everyone I know has left town. Which means….I get to park the car in the Garage!!!! Which is fantastic because we are supposed to get some yucky weather in the next few days. Today was quite warm, 48 degrees with fog, but tonight, the temperature is supposed to drop and some snow is on its way. Tomorrow, I will not have to scrape windows or brush off my car in order to get to church. YEAH!

Other than that, I have been packing. Most of my kitchen stuff is now packed (not counting food/pantry items). My desktop computer, most clothes, and all books are packed up. I don’t understand how I can have so many things packed (and even moved to my new place) but still have such a disorderly room.

I have also been watching a few movies. AND a wonderful thing happened today. Over the last several months (and by that I mean it must have been before May when I moved to this house because I remember this item missing then) I have been missing the first disc to my West Wing season 1. This means the first 8 episodes were “gone forever.” I looked everywhere I could think of. in fact, I even think at one point when I was home, I looked in all of my parents dvd cases and asked an old roommate if she had seen it.

Well, just yesterday someone asked if I was missing it because they found the first disc to ww, season 1 and did not know where it had come from. Because I own WW1, they asked me if it was mine. YEAH!!!!! So as of this morning, the disc is no longer missing.

You know what….I think I may just go watch it now.


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