Please Pray for Lisa

A dear friend of mine is in desperate need of prayer. She has been fighting hard against a very aggressive tumor.  With surgery 2 years ago, it came back this summer.  We almost lost her on the operating table in September.

The Doctors fought hard for her, extending a surgery several hours longer than planned – getting a softball size tumor out, re-sectioning a portion of her aorta, it was a VERY difficult surgery.

Since that time, Lisa’s been living and fighting hard. She was to be part of my wedding, but due to a sudden emergency wasn’t able to make it. She’s been re-learning to walk and do everyday things.

Today we got word that the tumor is back, and I am a bit numb having to type such words, it will take a miraculous healing from the Lord.

Please join me in praying for Lisa.

Dear Jesus,

Healer of broken-bodies and hurting-hearts. Please comfort Lisa & her family during this time. Please free her from pain.

Lord we beg that you chose to show your miraculous healing power and cleanse this disease from Lisa’s body so that we might enjoy more time with her.  She is your beautiful daughter, full of life and encouragement, full of smiles and wise words. A person of strength.

Lord, ultimately we know your will is best, and to your will we submit.  We praise you in all things. We know that as much as I or anyone loves Lisa – You love her more.

I thank you Heavenly Father, for how you reign in all things.  And I thank you for how your glory is displayed in the life of Lisa and her family.



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