Life, Love, (baseball), & Why

Baseball is a game of subtlety. A game of slow building drama. You can sit through a handful of innings – 3 up, 3 down, 3 up, 3 down. Only after the passing of time, the rhythm of the game builds, you hold your breath waiting for something magical to happen. . . High drama, one slow agonizing pitch at time.

You win seven out of ten games on the road, you come home with playoff hopes and lose four in a row by gut wrenching scores.

You load the bases with no outs. You commit three outs without scoring. You are down by two in the ninth, get two men on, and with two outs, your pinch hitter comes to the plate and blasts one out of the park.

Baseball is never being absolutely sure of the outcome. Baseball is requiring your heart to endure. You endure the highs with large portion of elation and a side helping of realism. You endure the lows when a few games turn the course of the season, from playoff hopes to fire sale at the trading deadline. You endure the absolutely miserable 101 loss season because you can still taste the 116 wins of the past.

You think back to times that have broken your heart, and sigh. You look forward where hope springs eternal, and dream.

When your “prodigal son” returns home to play; when your disenchanted star finds a fresh start; you live in the moment with joy.

Baseball’s ebb and flow is not appreciated by all. It is an acquired taste. Such as a Russian novel or watching a slow sinking sun; the time, the effort, the moments of unknowns and wonder – all worth it.

That is, all worth it, IF you go all in.


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4 responses to “Life, Love, (baseball), & Why

  1. Vicky

    I love this post. 🙂

  2. deb

    Thanks Vicky!

    Two days back, I had a couple of direct messages back and forth with the Mariner’s Official Twitter account (@therealmaniriners). Yes, it’s probably just some intern somewhere, but it’s pretty Rad when someone in the M’s organization sends you a D.M. that says they are going to win that game just for you, and then in a tie game, they load the bases and with two outs, two strikes, Ichiro gets a hit, M’s win and it feels like they really did just win the game for me, and me alone. 🙂 Feeling the love.

  3. Vicky

    Have you ever seen “Pride of the Yankees”? Babe Ruth promises to hit a homerun for a kid at the hospital, and then Lou Gherig promises to hit two home runs for the kid. Anyway, your story reminded me of that. If you haven’t seen it, you should. You’d love it!

  4. deb

    you know what? I’ve never seen Pride of the Yankees. I should watch that some time!

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